Yesterday we had really good Show in Kaunas! \m/

,,SOLD OUT" Tour 2012 (Poland) moments! Check it out! \m/

Check out this new song from upcoming album! \m/

Making of music video for new song from upcoming album! \m/

AWAKENING SUN presentation at METAL KAOZ! \m/

Denis decided to leave the band. Now we have new guitarist - Arnas Smičius! \m/

Album review from BRUTALISM! \m/

Our music video is on FPE TV! \m/

Check this video out! m/

We are on FPE TV! Hell yeah! m/

This is the first guy who did cover of our song! Check it out!\m/

All right�We have started working on our second album! All I want to tell you about it: it�s going to be BADASS!!! New album will be released in Autumn 2012!\m/

Check out our SHOUT OUT for BlankTV!! \m/

|2012.06.25| Album review from Poland! \m/

|2012.05.24| Video on Metal Kaoz! \m/

|2012.05.24| Now our video available on Hellnoise Metal Blog! \m/

|2012.05.17| About us on METAL INSIDER! \m/

|2012.05.16| New review! \m/

|2012.05.12| Metal Guitar Riffs and Solo! Check it out! \m/


|2012.05.08| Our video has been added to Metal video! \m/

|2012.05.07| Our video is at Rock Lable TV! \m/

|2012.05.04| Next saturday we will perform at ,,Rising Thunder Custom Bike Show 2012�! \m/

|2012.05.03| WE HAVE NEW DRUMMER! \m/

|2012.04.21| Review from ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM! \m/

|2012.04.19| Check this out, we are on UVTV! \m/

|2012.04.15| Check out guitar solos! \m/

Our video from 0:16:00! \m/

|2012.04.12| New review from France! \m/

Our latest interview! \m/

AWAKENING SUN today on ATMOSTFEAR ENTERTAINMENT Radio! At 10am eastern time! \m/

Today our songs were played on ATMOSTFEAR ENTERTAINMENT radio! \m/

We are on UVTV!

We've started booking gigs for European Summer tour 2012! \m/

Video from our last performance!\m/ channel!

We are on X3M Radio!

New album video review from United States!

We are on BlankTV! Hell yeah! \m/

We are on Extreminal Web ’zine!

We are on Metalstorm! \m/

Rock and metal news about us!

Brutalism posted our first official music video!

New review from Latvia! \m/


Finally we have our first music video released!

First “SOLD OUT” video review from Denmark! \m/

Review from METAL ADVISOR! \m/

This year we are attending at Lithuanian "Wacken Metal Battle" contest. We already have passed
through and will perform in the final concert, where comission and crowd will decide who is going to
represent Lithuania at Wacken 2012.


Check this out! Someone has made guitar tabs of our song "UNDER CONTROL".
Now you could start making covers! Tabs can be found at

Stay heavy! \m/

Interview for BEHIND THE VEIL Webzine! \m/

Album review from Lithuanian newspaper!

New album review from Italy! \m/

New album review from France!

New album review! \m/

We are on Spanish website! \m/


We have filmed our first music video that will be out in March 2012!

First “SOLD OUT” album review from Lithuania! \m/

About the band from Lithuanian newspaper!

Cover art review from Lithuania!

Greetings our friends!
So finally, after a year of waiting, we got our first homepage running.

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